I have ignored you for almost a year I accept whatever punishment you have in mind bloggie but precisely speaking I cannot guarantee I won't ignore you again. I'm not a very bloggie-woggie kind of person if you've noticed. You're right I should stop using the term bloggie-woggie. Here's a recap of some moments from this year (mostly Instagram, sorry) to make it up. Hover over for captions.


I miss Wiida :(

My favorite Malay girls

Daddy's 54th. 

My b'day at the former workplace

Me as a 22 year old and me as a 2 year old

Frequent Seahouse selfies

Someone special :)

Farewell cake courtesy of my ex-boss

Got a new job

New workplace

I like snow spraying the shit out of b'day girls

That's right I wore a dhigu hedhun

My bf's cat Doc full name Dhohokko who doesn't love me yet 

Baby Mirusal was so tiny when I first met him

Resolutions for the new year? AHAHA NO, NOT REALLY. Although I have about 21 more days to change my mind and I have a bucket list with only like 5 things ticked off perhaps I should try and tick off more things. And I'm a lecturer now. Who saw THAT coming? *Nooobaaddyyy* but I love the job and I'm going to try and keep it. That means minimalizing the extent to which I swear publicly - and by publicly I mean mostly on the internet. Activate self control. Delete swear words. Error. Error. Error. Error. Error.

Ahh, oh well. 

2013 Kthanksbai

The year was good to me. Happening, ecstatic, busy. New experiences, new friends. Fall outs too with friends. I'm glad to have patched things up though. Grudges aren't worth holding onto. They'll eat you up that's all they do. Fell in love again, got my heart broken again. Moved on again.  Visited a new country, bid farewell to the country I called home for 5 years. Made myself over, tried to dress up, wear make up, walk in heels, be pretty. Figured I like being a girl. Tried to take care of myself, hair care routines! skin routines! scared the crap out of my dad by wearing a face mask at night. Tried to lose weight not to be skinny but to be fit because back pains?? what the hell I'm only 21?? Worked at a new place, presented a TV show, reconciled with old friends, realized the importance of socializing although I have yet to master it. Still lazy as fuck, but I could work on that.  I'm looking forward to a new year and yes just like most people I do have resolutions. It's just not a very big list. In fact, all I want to do in 2014 is be happy. Do things that give me pleasure, more smiles less tears and anger. I hope I feel the same way for the next 365 days.

Let's call it "No strings attached 2014". I hope everything I do is spontaneous and less emotional. That would save me a lot of time and energy.

Art / Dreamscapes / Jee Young Lee

The stage of mind series, the whole bloody thing because it's perf.

1. Birthday / 2. Little black birds/ 3. Broken heart / 4. Childhood / 5. Flu / 6. Food chain / 7. I'll be back / 8. The last supper / 9. The maiden voyage / 10. Nightmare / 11. Nightspace / 12. Panic room / 13. Resurrection / 14. The little match girl / 15. Treasure hunt / 16. My chemical romance

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Parfums de Paris

Well what do you know? I'm running out of my favorite perfumes and being an unemployed little shit I can't think of any way I can re-stack them unless I''m magically not broke any more. You may disagree but I believe smelling good contributes a hella ton to sex appeal and I get super paranoid if I step out of the house without perfume on. The horror! What if I smell like tuna from that sandwich I ate 3 hours ago? In a shop, I'd spend several hours mind mapping the scents to the aura of the people I'm buying for as weird as it may sound. A few months ago in Paris, I was so excited about my perfume-spree, I forgot about the rest of the stuff on my shopping list. I had noted down what perfumes to buy for my family and I knew I wouldn't step out of the city without all of them ticked out; J'adore by Dior for my elegant mum,  See by Chloé for my sporty sweet little sister, Gentlemen Only by Givenchy for my dashing brother and Jaipur Bracelet by Boucheron for my squeaky-adorable aunt. Aaaaand they all liked it. Success.

For my dad, I got Bleu de Chanel. It was special because I knew he liked strong perfumes. He would spray a pump or 2 and the entire house would spice up. I parcelled his perfume in Chanel wrapping, so I can send it home just in time for Father's day/ his b'day and once again.. success! In total, my bill was over £400 (meh) when you buy things for your loved ones do the price tags even matter? They don't fricken matter.

The best part about shopping for perfumes in Paris are the freebies. You can buy one perfume and get a dozen samples for free! I carried an entire bag of free samples just by purchasing these few perfumes. They also give you other cool stuff like notebooks, keychains.. etc. Perfect, because I did not have time to buy enough souvenirs for my friends. These samples came in pretty handy.

The perfumes are wrapped up and ready to go! 

I recommend Galeries Lafayette and Champs-Élysées to buy perfumes in Paris. There is a huge-ass Sephora in Champs-Élysées that is the size of two ballrooms with all the perfumes in the entire fucking world I kid you not. Besides, the Avenue des Champs-Élysées is an attraction by itself. If you go to Paris, you must go there. Then you can totally take a stroll down the same street Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seanberg walked side by side in À bout de Souffle.. holy shit I was there. *faints*

     Photograph: Ronald Grant Archive

Chance encounter with the blue-green waters

Ocean. It's a nice transition from the Malaysian highways that I often saw and grew tired of for five years, although I'm sure it won't be long before I miss that too. Taking things for granted is a chink in my armor. But for once, I'm glad to see the mighty ocean in place of the polluted highways, boats instead of cars and ferries instead of buses.

// Switching gears, yet another internship. The first few weeks were terrible, no clue what the heck I was doing.  I just wanted to try something different. An open portfolio, exploring my capabilities blah blah some shit like that. But when opportunities knock on your door you bloody take them. Producing a TV show or presenting one, I'm all in. Back home after the longest time and I couldn't be happier to get to travel around. And I finally get to do something relevant to my bachelors degree, a tourism project. I feel useful.

Pie-leen, why won't you go?

There is a cyclone that originated in Thailand, Phailin, sending storms of winds to our little island paradise, making it not so very sunny. My heart goes out to everybody affected in nearby countries, even a little blow of angry wind makes it hard for us to keep our feet on the ground, I feel terrible for those actually experiencing the whole damn thing. Stay safe people. xx
Back in Maldives, the country folks are spoilt with foul talk of an unfortunately very necessary disaster we call politics. Of course I make a few jokey tweets about it but really, I have very little interest in it. Deep down, I wish everyone would settle down so we all could get back to our normal routines no matter how impossible that sounds.

This is the time when families are on not-talking-terms because the wife accidentally bought a pair of pink shoes and the husband rather have yellow down in his pillows. Little kids yell out campaign slogans unaware of what their parents are brain feeding them. Everybody is at their dirtiest, little games of mockery and hundred dollar bills, who will win the posture? Will they have to share, the throne for one, the crown for the other?

Diverting attention to something more auspicious, Eid Mubarak to everyone, may you have a joyous Eid.