FIFA World Cup 2010

Spain won! Wooooot woooot. Who am I kidding you already know that don't you? Da champions of da FIFA World Cup 2010 is España. 
Da way they played and da skills they showed were just brilliant. Especially da teamwork. You wont get to see that kinda brotherhood in a looong time. Although, they weren't really my team in da beginning (I was up for Argentina) but at da later stages they did really make me jump off da couch everytime they scored. So technically speaking, I'm glad they won. Again, da teamwork was just magnificent. While on the other side of da field, Netherlands wasn't that bad either. They did their best to tear apart da powerhouse we now know as Spain. But to win a competition, you need luck, skills & teamwork. Only Spain had all those in their pockets. So I guess its hard luck for Netherlands (and da rest of da teams). Next time buddies! Speaking of next time...I vow to you I shall be in Brazil for da world cup in 2014. I'll be 22 and kicking it! Let's hope da world doesn't END in 2012! Dat would really suck. And btw, I'll be posting my dream team for this season of World Cup (Next post!) So stay tuned ;P You might have to endure diz crap till I'm completely over da world cup (may take a few days).


Ms. Football Fanatic said...

Yayy Espana! :D They deserved it!

Jamm said...

Heheh I shall be in Brazil too then!

Adley said...

lol you already have plans for Brazil?