Unlucky All The Way

Can you just frikkin believe my luck? For all the time I spent in Malaysia, I've been anxiously waiting for some classy butt kicking rockstar to step onto Malaysian soil for a LIVE concert. But as usual, nothing happened. The only rad concert in Malaysia (which I knew of) was da MTV World Stage with Boys Like Girls and All American Rejects which I had to pass for unknown reasons (I simply can't remember). Next came along Kris Allen whome I also skipped cux even though he's a sweetheart I'm not really a big fan. And then came da Black Eyed Peas.... not really my kinda music. And now that I've decided to do my 2 month industrial training in Maldives, guess whose coming to Kuala Lumpur?........SLAAAAASSHHH! Yessss! Saul Hudson from Guns N' Roses! The legendary guitarist! Can you frikking believe dat? I just hate how dat happens wid me all da tyme. If I can buy luck right now, trust me I would. It's dat frustrating!

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