Stress Forcing

I've been a lazy girl haven't I? My last post was almost a month back. For a while there I kept asking myself what's the point in updating a blog that no one reads? And then I thought, what the heck? I started it, I can't afford to quit. This is a test of consistency. So lame, but worth it. This is my own little diary and I'm gonna look back at the dumb emo posts and laugh at myself. It sounds ridiculous, but its actually quite fun. Anyways, my internship ended 2 months ago and it turned out to be one hell of a roller coaster ride. I enjoyed it and at da same time dreaded it. I made a couple of enemies and lots and lots of friends. So overall, it wasn't half bad. Of course there were some shitty stuff. The number of cigarettes I smoked increased due to the level of freedom I got. Therefore, I lost a couple of pounds but once I got back home, having no other option but to quit smoking with my parents around, I ended up gaining double the weight I lost. And now that uni has started again, I can't help but eat Nasi Lemak or Mee Goreng when I'm hanging around with my Malay friends. So you know, there's just no way I can lose that much weight again. Unless I stop hanging around with my Malay friends, but that's not fair for them 'cause they've been so nice to me. Maybe I should just shut the fuck up and concentrate on my studies? Hmmm not a bad idea.

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Ming Ming said...

dont stop blogging i dont know where else to go. u knw i can only stalk you on fb and on this blog! ;p huhuhu