The Pledge

Today, I saw a video of animals being brutally slaughtered. A few days back I saw a merciless freak murder an innocent rabbit for entertainment.

My heart just sank. 

I wonder if those people gained anything from it? Profit? Enjoyment?
I wonder if a small plate of roasted steak or fried chicken is worth taking an innocent life? Just to fill up a dinner plate?

If you answered yes, you are a certified creep.
Do you realize how many animals are being tortured right now as we speak? Millions.

That's right. MILLIONS.

There's so much you can do to help, but few people care.
Saving lives doesn't only mean that of humans. One day of non-meat food could save the lives of a thousand animals.

I pledge to eat Vegetarian for 30 days. I hope that would make a difference.
Lock the time. It starts now.
Animal cruelty. Stop it. They're WHOS not WHATS.
Look into their eyes and tell me they don't have feelings, you know you're bullshitting.
So please, try to make a difference. A simple effort counts. I know mine does.


Ming Ming said...

good change babe!

Anonymous said...

I'm a vegetarian too

Rishu [♥] said...

its a good thing for me because i get all da chicken now :P and da cakes :P