Pledge Completed

Apart from lousily completing my semester exams, I have also rather successfully been vegetarian for 30 days. Well...maybe not that successful. Maybe there was this one day I ate cake. But you know what it doesn't matter. When I made the pledge, I didn't think I'd survive a single day. But I did and I'm proud of myself. Which brings me to my resolutions for the upcoming year; I would like to prolong this new vegetarian lifestyle. I'm quite digging it. Its not only about animals and environment and all that shit. Its also about my health and my skin and my hair and waking up fat every morning. That's why, I'm going to continue my pledge and try to be vegetarian for..well...the rest of my life. Ahhh. Finally a resolution I'm excited about. And yes, thats a pig on my e-mail. I love PETA.


Ming Ming said...

gooood job sweety! :D lol at da pig!

Hana said...

Maxiiiii! :D
Goodluck with that :P
And and get a c-box!

Rifga™ said...

@ Ming Ming: Cheers babe x)

@ Hana: Thankyouuuu. And I hate c-box :P Isn't it fun commenting on my posts instead? :P

Hana said...

I want a c-box to you know randomly call you when I go to your blog.^^
And it would be 'Funny' if I just randomly call you on your posts. :P

Thappii said...

maxi! goodluck with that. but imagine, no chicken or beef. NO SPICY STEAK FAJITA. *sigh* goodluck my dear.

Rifga™ said...

@ Hana: Honestly. The last thing I want is a pair of twin sisters invading my blog with the help of random calls through a c-box. That would suck :P

@ Thappi: Thankyou for the encouragement :P But I prefer the vegetarian dishes now

*Proud face*

*Still proud face*

...*Stares at the spice steak fajita* O_O

Hana said...