Avoid The Pitt

When things get out of hand and you're no longer in control of your life, next thing you know you're rolling off like a stone head over heels into that mud pit you've avoided for the longest time. Trust me, a mud pit is the second worst thing that could happen after Brad Pitt. If you can't have Brad Pitt, don't fall into a mud pit either. You won't have enough wealth or stardom to pull yourself out of that dirty little mud hole. And the last thing anybody would want to do is get stuck in a mud hole just because of somebody as equally hot as Brad Pitt. I've met a lot of guys who got me stumbling into them dirty holes. One of them was long term. But its a good thing 'cause now I can differentiate a normal guy from a mud pit guy just by looking at his facial hair or something like that. Since I've already wasted 1 minute of your precious time, let me tell you this post actually has no depth to it. I just watched Inglourious Basterds for the 100th time and realized Brad Pitt is way too old for me now.  He also has too many kids. Why can't he be like Johnny Depp? Old and still sexy with fewer kids. Its a very sad thing. Coincidently, I realized I need to update my blog too. Which is why I thought I'd take this excuse to get back to this certain mud pit guy who I met long back who left me in that mud hole for like, 8 years? That was one hell of a crush. But such a waste of time. Mud pit guys are so not worth it. Women beware!


Muna said...

Hahah Maxi!
Why did the Birdie remove the birdie bit? I was going to make sure I called you Birdie, but sadly you deleted it!
And I also checked your album thing, we're so proud of what you've accomplished! :')

Ming Ming said...

hahahahahahah lmao girl
brad pitt = mud pit

Rifga™ said...

@ Muna: Hahah good thing I removed the birdie part xD About the album thingy...THANKS :) I'll post about it later.

@ Ming Ming: Yeah Brad Pitt is totally one of the hottest mud pits I've seen ;)