Bring Me The Cubes And The Paper Hats, Marie-Thérèse

'Which fashion season do you prefer the most?'-  the ultimate vogue question among my friends. Obviously, coming from a small island nation which is famously known as the 'sunny side' where every weekend is a vacation by the ocean, it shouldn't be a wild guess that my favorite collections always come from the Resort season. I barely check the winter collections because I have never in my life even experienced snow before (though I'm looking forward to). I wouldn't really call myself a fashionista, but I do love fashion (who doesn't?). If I had a bit more pocket money I would definitely buy some of those high class shoes and bags and hats and what not. Unfortunately, I'm not mega rich and I always try to utilize my pocket money the best possible way (thus the cheap plaid shirts, old jeans and bags with just one zipper). However, not having enough pocket money wouldn't stop me from googling fashion. I found this latest collection by Oscar De La Renta last night and I just had to blog about it. This dude is one of my favorite designers and he has never ever failed to impress me. This time is no exception. I love the radiant colors and paper hats. And the fact that he used Picasso as the principal inpiration, I've waited almost forever for someone to do that.

Oscar De La Renta Resort 2012

Oscar De La Renta Resort 2012
I envy Ajak for looking so gorgeous in that orange skirt. I can never pull that off.  But I really REALLY want that entire outfit.
The blue dress reminds me of a mixture of 'cubism' and 'the blue period'.

Oscar De La Renta Resort 2012
See, this first black outfit is the kinda dress I would wear for college. IF they would let me, because you know I'm a tourism student, and I have to look PROFESSIONAL (as in pencil skirts) or so they say, and sometimes I just wish they would shut the fuck up.

Oscar De La Renta Resort 2012
Well constructed and chic. A bit of vintage/ retro vibe there as well. (Ofcourse, it wouldn't work otherwise these days)

Oscar De La Renta Resort 2012
That green gown is what I would wear for a gala dinner on a cruise. *Stops to daydream*

Oscar De La Renta Resort 2012
I love the colors used, whether subtle or loud. Oh, the pink gown. 

Oscar De La Renta Resort 2012
If I don't get one of these dresses (which I'm pretty sure I won't), I'm gonna make one myself! And I know it will look like I'm wearing a sack and rather a fashion victim, but I just don't care. People who can't afford it, make it themselves. (I couldn't think of a real proverb so I just made one up. Lame)

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Anonymous said...

very impressive post.

Paige Elyse said...

Inspiring post. Love your blog!

Julia said...

Love Ajak's jacket!!

You have a great blog! Please take a look at mine and if you like what I'm doing then feel free to follow! I'd really appreciate the support! xx

Rifga™ said...

@ Anonymous: Thankyou :)

@ Paige Elyse: Thankyou. I love your blog too :)

@ Julia: Thanks for stopping by. Great blog you got there.

Adi said...

Loved your blog! :) Keep it up! :)

Rifga™ said...

@ Adi: Thankyou so much :)

the gorgeous said...

awesome resort!
I'm in love with the 4rth outfit, the jacket is insane!!

Rifga™ said...

@ the gorgeous: Yeahh the 4th outfit is def my favorite too ;)