Friend By Default

I've had to make a lot of unwanted decisions lately. Some easy, some distressing. All akin to friendship. And social interactions. That has always been my biggest weakness. I never learnt to open up. Being labelled anti social, I found an eagerness to prove otherwise. I was forced to change my ways and welcome more people in to my life and give them free access to my day to day existence, example this blog.  But homo sapiens are funny. The people you trust the most are the people who end up cheating you alas. First, they capture your attention, then they bombard you with praise, make false promises, lure your trust and finally take immense advantage of you. In the end, you are left completely helpless with no one to turn to and a mighty decision to make. Will you continue trusting the rascal? Or will you end the friendship that you once considered lavish? Hard decision. But important. The good thing is, you get to learn from it. The present tragedy will soon become the present experience. A great addition to life's portfolio I must say. In my case, I've learnt a good lesson.
Be very careful who you trust. They are not who they seem to be.


S. said...

Very true...

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Rifga™ said...

Thankyou S. I really like your blog :)

Hana said...

I'm a friend by default! D:

And maxi you aren't anti-social. You are very social and friendly :)

Rifga™ said...

Oh c'mon! You are definitely NOT a friend by default ;) you are more like a friend forever.

I'm not anti-social? First person to say that :O Normally people would agree with me lol

Adi said...

Hey nice blog you have!
I only read THIS ONE post.. but I don't think you're anti-social. Keep going! :)

Rifga™ said...

@ Adi: Hey thanks :) I love your blog too. And maybe I should reconsider my perception of being anti social lol. Thanks again (: