He's 70

Happy Belated Birthday Bob Dylan!
You rock my world.

I'm 2 hours late. I can never forgive myself.
Unless, its still 24th over there.

Time in Malibu, CA - 24th May, 11:30AM
Challenge won.


Hana said...

You are cheating! =P

The average life expectancy is 72...

Rifga™ said...

I'm not cheating! Its not fair for Bob Dylan if I wish him on 24th while its still 23rd in Malibu lol :P

Life expectancy? :O You just ruined a sincerely admirable birthday post to my all time favorite artist! *Gasp**Stroke*

Hana said...

Haha, I wasn't trying to ruin your very admirable post for him, Drama Queen!
I'm just saying he could not be around for long.. If he is giving any concerts, now is the time to go. :D

Rifga™ said...

Hahah okay. You're right. I missed his concert in Singapore this Jan :/ Grrrr sucks. He never came to Malaysia.