Rolling In The Deep - Adele

This woman has a voice thats just almost pathetic in a very very good way. Bluesy, gospel with soul. I'm thoroughly hypnotized everytime I hear her. This song makes me stumble. I need to run back to the computer and play it again because it would be a crime not to listen one more time. The emotional testimonial to the wrongful lover whose broken her heart into many many pieces that will soon haunt the shit out of him. The lyrics just drowns me in. I could relate to this song from the very core of my being. The melody with the unearthly harmony that just flies really high and refuses to come down. This song is pretty fervid. A unique choice for a first single. Oh Adele my love, you have given me just one more reason to love you.


Hana said...

Awesome song =)

Rifga™ said...

Yeahhh :)