Cartoons, Beehives And Other Related Stuff

So I did a candid 'Which family is your's?' quiz on this random website (I was bored) and guess what I got? The Simpsons! I love the Simpsons! Although techincally, my family is nothing like them. Of course we're dysfunctional, but not to that extent. We're always on our best behaviour infront of people. Although behind the scenes we sometimes go nuts. Especially me and my little sister. We're so much like Bart and Lisa. I'm Lisa and she's Bart. I'm the geek she's a loony. And we're both bonkers. We don't need a reason to start a fight. For example; "That tissue is mine! WTF its only a tissue! I don't care its mine! Waahhhh! *Punch in the face*" Also, my dad is nothing like Homer. He is a very respected guy, which on the other hand is a lot of pressure for us. You know, "community" blah blah.

If you really think about it, the Simpsons are pretty normal compared to the Griffins from Family Guy. Not every family have an evil baby genius like Stewie who's out to destroy the world.
He's definitely my favorite nutjob from the show. As far as Simpsons would go, I love Marge. Her hair is so fab. A blue beehive. Pretty classy huh? Its not like I wanna have hair like that or anything. I'm just curious. Although Marge is definitely on top of my list if I had to look for inspiration to go to a fancy dress party. I should start looking for those blue wigs.
Marge is however not the only one who loves the beehive. Nicki Minaj loves it too. And I love how independent she is with with her style. She is hailed the black lady gaga which is so true. They're both extremely fierce in terms of style. But honestly, I prefer Gaga's music a lot more. Also, I have this thing for Amy Winehouse. She looks like she's from the 60s or something. And her voice..ahhhh. I dig that. How could such a firm voice come out of a body that petite? I can't wait for her to get her stuff right and finally make some more music.

Speaking of which, MTV Worldstage is coming to Malaysia for the third time. I just won myself a pair of passes. Although I'm not sure if I'm going since I'll be heading back to Maldives mid-July. But its very exciting. 30 Seconds to Mars is coming. I have always adored Jared Leto. He is one of the most gorgeous front men I could think of. Might be a once in a lifetime thing to see him live given that they don't tour in Asia that often. I'd feel screwed up if I miss the chance. I'm not very clear about the line up though. There's another band confirmed called Pop Shuvit which is a Malaysian local band. They're pretty famous among Malaysians. I've never heard about them before so I checked out their music and turns out they're actually pretty wicked. They haven't informed the rest of the bands yet. I hope they're all good.

That's it for now. Nothing much going on. This is sort of a birthday month. My older sister's birthday was 1st of June. My dad's birthday is today!! (Happy B' Day Dad!) and my 19th birthday is 26th of June which is also the blogoversary ;) My uncle will turn 30 something on the 27th. I can taste the cheesecakes already! Yum. I love June.


RIOTGUY said...

i like family guy more because it has a lot of dirty jokes. kekeke

Anonymous said...

Hi! nice blog :D

Ming Ming said...

stewie!!!! LMAO love him ;)
eh eh long time riph!!!

the gorgeous said...

I adore The Griffins! Best Cartoon Show ever!

Yeliz said...

thank you so much for your comment doll, I definitely think i will shave again although it's winter here in australia, but thank you for being so sweet darling xxx

CollegeCurl13 said...

I love Family guy! And congrats on the Worldstage passes!!!! Like your blog so far ;) wanna follow each other?

Btw, Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway ;)
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check out my features in the meantime ;)

Rifga™ said...

@ RIOTGUY: Lol true that!

@ Anonymous: Thanks! =)

@ Ming Ming: I MISS YOU! (:

@ the gorgeous: Yeahh The Griffins are pretty kickass! ;)

@ Yeliz: Yesss I love Amy! :) Can't wait to see your shaved pictures! ;) You're welcome! Love your blog a lot!

@ CollegeCurl13: Would love to follow each other! I'll make sure i follow your blog after this :)

CollegeCurl13 said...

I'm following you know dear ;)