The Flower Child

Recently, I have grasped this crazy obsession with all things floral. Its sort of my new muse. A few months ago I thought floral dresses were too outdated. I was so wrong in every freakin' way. Floral dresses can never be too outdated. I've seen gorgeous Chinese girls on Malaysian streets walk around in pretty flowery skirts and I wonder to myself 'Will I look that cute?' Of course not. I think its time to get one for myself and see if it really works on me. The only floral dress I own has been in my closet for the past 5 years and it only fits my little sister. That's just epicly sad. I mean, how can I not own more floral dresses? It's retarded. I actually have a very good reason to wear a botanic dress. I have to be in attendance to launch a friend's jazz album to which I have lent my vocals. I'm supposed to perform all the songs live so I need to wear something extremely comfy while still very chic. When he asked me what I'm going to do with my dress in order to give a heads up to the sponsors, the first thing that came into my mind was JAZZ + GROOVY = FLORAL. Next thing you know, I'm typing random shit in google trying to find a good design. I have looked around a number of malls for floral prints (since I'm getting it tailored). Its so hard to find the right one. If I was in Maldives or India, it would've been a different story 'cause there's floral prints everywhere. Also, I'm looking for a pearl necklace to go with my dress. So far, no such luck. But I'm not resting until I find the right stuff.

In other news, I spent 8 hours at Berjaya Times Square on Saturday. I only bought one pair of shoes.
You can find the definition of miracle here.


Adam's Aisha said...

looove your blog! :D

Ming Ming said...

what a miracle!!! one pair of shoes only? LOOOOOOL!! i love floral. i own about 5 :P:P

Sckhizein said...

Floral dresses are always fashion and chic in every time and place, right?
I wish you luck in finding the right design. Hope that you do wear a floral design for the jazz night. After all it would be an ignominious failure if you do not, eh? ^_^
Oh forgive me. I am Sckhizein.

Rifga™ said...

@ Adam's Aisha: Thankyou very much. I'm guessing you're the crazy Aisha living in my condo. I'm telling Adam you're the one who stole his plaid shirt. You can stop me if you want, but it'll cost you a frappuccino :P Hahah

@ Ming Ming: Yes, a miracle indeed. When I left home, I thought I was going to empty my wallet.

@ Sckhizein: Hi there! Thanks for the comment. I'm still looking for the right material for the dress. And I'll have to tell you your blog is very very interesting.

Hana said...

Show us the design for your dress? :D

and Maxi, thanks a lot. Without the link to the word definition I would be so lost. :P

Hana said...

and shoes too? :D

Rifga™ said...

@ Hana: Hahah I knew you'd be lost, thats why I posted the link ;) I haven't decided on a specific design yet. But its probably gonna be very simple :)

Sckhizein said...

Thank you. Your posts are interesting as well.