Naughty 19

26th of June was my 19th birthday. For 80% of the people, birthdays are about gifts, parties and happiness. For the rest, its the fear of getting old. Unfortunately, I'm in the latter group. When I turned 13, I was so hyped about becoming a teenager, I had no clue I would eventually end up becoming a self absorbed, pathetic, teenage dirt bag. When I was 14, my parents told me I could have a huge party on my 15th birthday if my grades were good. They said the same thing to my older sister and brother as well, but none of their grades were good enough. When I got really good results from my exams that year, I was told by my parents that unlike my siblings, I was entitled to a HUGE 15th birthday bash. But when it was time to plan the party, I chickened out. I refused to celebrate because I was too damn scared no one would show up (I sincerely believed I had no friends although later I found out I was exaggerating). So I decided to give a simple dinner treat to my lovely classmates instead. On my 16th birthday, I was disheartened by the fact that my parents weren't able to afford the kinda gifts they showed on 'MTV's Sweet Sixteen' (What is the point of that show anyway? Make us poor kids miserable? Oh well done!). When I was 17, things were pretty much the same, so I started blogging for a change. That was my first blog (now deleted) and at the time I was stubborn, dejected and cried at every small thing. Michael Jackson had just died so that made it even worse. But I somehow made it through. And on my 18th birthday, I swore to myself I'd be more outgoing and enjoy every bit of being 18. I got rid of my previous blog and created this one on that very same day. Although the resolution I had about being more 'social' was only a 30% success, I considered that progress. Fast forward to today, here I am in my last year of teens, still very much depressed, but improved on every other level. I didn't have a big party this time because I'm saving that for my 21st birth day *wink wink*. And my choc cheese cake from Secret Recipe was so tasty I ate up half of the cake without sharing it with my very sweet neighbors. Of course as usual, we forgot to take that many pictures but my video camera saved the day. I can't post the videos on the blog since I don't really have any editing software at the moment and the raw videos aren't suitable for public viewing (explicit language, bad poses and very very bad dressing). But it was a fun night! Thanks to the small group of family and friends who made it memorable. Here's my cake to make you wish you were there. I'm glad I took this picture because 30 seconds later it was gone. Long gone into our digestive systems and probably rotting in a sewage now.

Secret Recipe 19th Birthday Cake19th Birthday Cake
Looked so much bigger and better in real life! Probably the photographer camera!


Ming Ming said...

You have to give me dinner.

Happy B' Day for the millionth time! Yur life story since 13th? WOW longest post?

Rifga™ said...

Ming Ming, it was at night like around 10 PM. When there's nothing happening you're always around. But when there's a party, you're always missing :P Hahah

Anonymous said...

great blog! happy 19 years

Arundhati said...

Hey it was good to know about you! And don't take much load.. Every teenage story is more or less similar.. So its not just you.. We all faced such phases! :)

draconiams said...

secret recipe <3

//Sub/Corpus said...

Happy Birthday ... :)
Hope you are getting used to your last teen year ... :P

Rifga™ said...

@ Anonymous: Thank you :)

@ Arundhathi: Now that you pointed it out, yeah its true :) I guess everybody goes through the dirt bag phase x) Thanks!

@ draconiams: Secret recipe uh-huh. uh-huh *eyebrow dance*

@ //Sub/Corpus: Yeah, I've got no choice but to get used to it. So far so good :) Hehe thanks.