Where Was I?

Oh my goodness. How long has it been? Last time I posted here I was giving compelling reasons for being M.I.A. Unfortunately this time I don't think I have any good reasons to give for abandoning this dear blog of mine. But here goes.. Firstly, I was busy with my internship (which was hectic btw but I don't wanna talk about it. Meh). Secondly, I have found a new side-kick. Tumblr.

Oh darling blogger forgive me for the pain I have caused you. I have betrayed you and stepped on you regardless of the fact that you have been my companion for a long time. I could not control my feelings towards Tumblr. I found myself falling in love with the blue eyed facebook look alike used excessively by cool hipsters and other inspiring beings.

Oh, that's just me begging forgiveness from Blogger.

Anyways, here's the link. http://tohellwithfashion.tumblr.com Its more like a fashion blog. I have 3 tumblogs I'm just giving you one not because I don't trust you. But because I'm just lame.


guess who said...

you are going to be m.i.a again. i just now it

Rifga™ said...

thank you for believing in me, guess who.

(your ass will be whipped the next time i see you)

AVY said...

What's the deal with tumblr anyway?

/ Avy