Holiday Ramblings 1.0

It's amazing how I could spend the entire day doing absolutely nothing and just sit at the computer emotionless. I feel like Bruno Mars minus the dancing monkeys. If I had something better to do I'd be relieved. I refuse to check my diary. Homework submission dates freak me out.

I want to attend a concert. The most recent concert I heard of was by Pixie Lott. I wish Incubus would come here again. Worldstage MY is bringing Justin Bieber this time, plus a few K-Pop stars. I don't think Malaysia will be having a good concert anytime soon. 

Listened to Feist the entire day. Her voice sooths me. I wish I can sing like her. So passionate, so full of life. Is it possible to envy and adore someone at the same time? The day the world would realize Feist > Katy Perry would be a very happy day for mankind. I'm not saying Katy Perry is bad. I don't listen to her enough to make a negative judgement. She is a pretty thing.

I want these UP floral wedges. It's a line by Diana Rikasari from Indonesia. Unfortunately I need to order them. The last time I ordered a pair of shoes online, they didn't fit me. The last time was the 3rd time actually.


Bubble My Licorice said...

I love those shoes!
amazing post :)

Rifga™ said...

@Bubble My Licorice: Thankyou :) I just had to blog about those shoes. It's an amazing line.

Ming Ming said...

yay i love up too :D

Rifga™ said...

@ Ming Ming: High Five!