Vintage Charms & Muslim Faith; Wear, Wear Not?

Why are so many girls obsessed with charm bracelets? Well, I'll tell you. Firstly, they're pretty. Secondly they carry significant meaning to some people. And thirdly, THEY ARE PRETTY! Charm bracelets are normally worn around the wrist and have decorative pendants that define a person's style/ personality or signify important things in life.

I've never worn a charm bracelet in my life but recently got one after seeing a booth selling them on campus (see pic below). Only later did I realize that it's not just meant to be pretty it could symbolize so many things in life.

Now, there is one problem though. A friend saw my charm bracelet and expressed her sentiments against it. She said it's a ritual for some religions to wear it and me being a Muslim, ought to take it off. As much as I respect her thoughts about it (since I'm quite religious myself), I completely disagree. It's just a bracelet. It has nothing to do with religion. I wear it because like I've already said a million times, it's pretty! and looking at the pendants bring cognition about things that mean something to me. Key; venturing into adulthood, Treble; music, Eiffel tower; Paris, where I long to be, Camera; capturing moments I refuse to forget. Hope; keeping my spirits up.

You see? It all mean something to me. I don't see anything wrong with being a practicing Muslim and wearing a charm bracelet. Understand that different people have different ways of believing things. I choose to not make it complicated.

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Ming Ming said...

i love your charm bracelet! so glad you back to blogging! all this time i been reading xiaxue's blog LMFAO and Y U NO go on fb?

Shaha said...

I agree completely. Its just a bracelet, and your relationship with god is not something you need to justify to other people or even show them.

Rifga™ said...

@Ming Ming: Haha thank you dear :) I like Xiaxue's blog! *wink wink* I go on facebook it's just that I don't post anything. I only stalk. Muhaha

@Shaha: Ahh yes! It's sad when even the smallest of things are presumed as blasphemy. Some people need to chill :) Thanks for the comment!

Wiida said...

I never know that wearing a charm bracelet is something that opposite Muslim religion. it is just a normal bracelet with no spell on it. unless if you believe your charm bring luck or too obsess with it.

Rifga™ said...

@Wiida: Yupp, you're right. Shouldn't be too superstitious either. (This is coming from the queen of superstition. lol) As far as I know, Islam is a lenient religion, it's the people who make it complicated :)