My Life Is So Much More Interesting Inside My Head

Have you ever been so unhappy with your everyday routine that you fear there's no way out and you're going to have to accept the reality that this is unfortunately the life for you? You wake up everyday with a scheduele that boasts the same shit you did the day before, sadly full of things you don't wish to have in your future. Well, I wake up most days with a pile of homework under my nose thinking to myself, look at me all indulged in my Bachelors Degree in International Tourism probably a tourism promoter in the next 3 years or so. Or according to my mom perhaps the tourism minister. What a wonderful life it would be.. promoting tourism. Freakin' fascinating. If you sense sarcasm in my words, darling you're an absolute genius. My dreams are completely different from where I am heading. My ridiculous academic life does not lead me to my dream future of becoming a magazine journalist. It does, however lead me to a wonderful future as a tourism promoter. 

Why so much dissatisfaction you say? WHY NOT? Life is about confusion and self pity and severe manic depression that results in you lying on the couch in front of the TV with a bag of potato chips and red bull cursing at Miley Cyrus because she's at a place where you will never be in the next 50 years. In a beautiful Zuhair Murad gown. At the oscars.

Kids, what they tell you about a carefree happy life complete with a pretty blue sky full of nightingales and bumble bees is false, do not believe them. If you ask me, the sky is full of crapping pigeons and creepy crows and bats hanging from trees ready to suck out your blood and sooner or later you'll be skinny dipping in a pond .. surrounded by rattlesnakes. 

Well there you have it.  End of depressed rant.
(Is that comic sans? Hah! Who's the loser now Miley?)

Here's a picture of strawberry oreo and kiwi bubble tea on a hot day. Something I can afford.


pretty little things said...

i knw.. going through the same thng
xo sabbi

Shaha said...

We all are sort of in that same boat, eh (except for Miley of course), but she;s made some bad decisions (especially in choosing dresses and guys) too.

Rifga™ said...

@sabbi: phew! looks like i'm not alone! hehe

@shaha: agreed. i especially hated miley's look at the billboard awards. i don't hate the jean paul gaultier white blazer but going pantless and bra-less was a no-no. and the poofy hair. geez.

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Rifga™ said...

@International Directory Blogspot: Thanks for the invitation :) I've followed your directory.

Wiida Ribbon said...

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