I Eat Like a Champ

It's annoying how suddenly you get all this yummy food the minute you put your mind into losing weight. I whined about it to my friends and most of them were like "It's good. It makes you happy" and I'm like "..yeah and fat". I cannot afford to be happy about food.
Honestly though, how exactly do you expect me to step away from so many discounts on ice cream? A reasonable person would not. And I have one hell of a sweet tooth. Besides, I've been getting way too much free food from friends and family to resist. My little sister's 14th b'day just happened, the birthday girl got so much chocolate. The thing is, the birthday girl is a skinny food-loathing chick who leaves half of her food unattended while her sister (ME, duh) is quite the opposite. Thus, all that chocolate found a new home in my tummeh. I am so goddamn generous.
Me and Wiida went a littble bit cuckoo the other day after seeing the 30% off on every last day of the month offer at Gelatino. Bubblegum ice cream FTW.

Note: The top right picture is of cupcakes made by my classmate Samantha's boyfriend. I've been looking for a boyfriend who can bake ever since.  FYI


Shaha said...

ah. yes, food. They look so yummy. :)

Rifga™ said...

@Shaha: yeah hahah food. sigh

Azko said...

Hahahaha oh god ;)

Rifga™ said...

@ sayyymmmm: hahah looks like i've found your blog :P

@ azko: ;)