Free Free Free etc

My parents and little sister went back to Maldives. This is my first time being on my own and I've realized living alone is definitely my forte. Of course I miss my family and can't wait to see them again but that's exactly what I wanted. You know what they say, you only miss someone when they've gone. I just wanted some time for myself. I don't really know how to cook or do anything (to be precise). But I like the thrill of actually having something to worry about, to learn; paying the bills, keeping the apartment cleaned, making sure I don't waste too much money. It's a different kind of freedom, the perfect kind of freedom! Hopefully I'll be able to survive until July.

Now, all I need is an adventure. Let me try and convince Wiida for a road trip.


pretty little things said...

i totally understand what you mean.. all the best for these self dependent months to come.
xo sabbi

Rifga™ said...

@ sabbi: thanks!! :D