If I could tell you how reclusive I am in real life you'd be surprised I still smile or tweet something nice to someone each day. I'm not sure how or why I have this problem with being unsociable and so insecure, but it doesn't help when you're bloody isolated with absolutely nothing to do. Wrote about being on my own a few days back, that's great and all and I'm independent but goddammit it's the holidays and I need something to do or I will tear myself apart wit intrusive thoughts of self pity. And the weather is so gloomy with sudden rain almost everyday (fucking Malaysian weather). Watching "Reality Bites" over and over again and eating peanut butter sandwiches the whole day isn't really what I expected my holidays to be like. The best part of my day is when I'm cleaning my room listening to Fleet Foxes and wondering why I still have hair on my head while there's a gazillion strands lying on the floor. Hang out with friends? They are all busy working or in their hometowns and most of my friends are back in Maldives. Well, fuck.

In other news, my little sister started secondary school in Aminiya. Brings back memories from my high school days. I wish I could go and have a reunion with my friends but then again they're scattered all over the globe. Also, I promised to give them back all the videos I took (I was the official videographer or something like that) and I've been running from them because everything is in my external hard disk and I'm not sure if it's even working properly. I guess I'll just sit at home and edit videos to pass time. If I overdose on caffeine, please tell my mom it was totally accidental.


Anonymous said...

wanna hangout? im bored too

Wiida Ribbon said...

Oh, now I know hows your bed looks like. :)