From Winning x 10 To Sore Loser x 20

I'm currently listening to Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks which is not at all fitting because outdoors look hazy and rainy. I ran out of money a few days back because I forgot to pay the maintenance fee of my apartment for 2 whole months and my bills were outstanding and I had to make the payments altogether which was super depressing. Bye bye new hair dye. Bye bye new shoes. Bye bye new clothes for new sem. Mirror mirror on the wall who's the brokest bitch of them all? (Click here for answer)

Not everything has been this screwed up however. I've had some fun days and some not so fun days in the past couple of weeks.

There was a free concert on my campus in the first week of March; Reach Out by IM4U. None of my besties were free to go but heck I went alone anyway. WHO MISSES A FREE CONCERT? Disappointed guys, disappointed.

Ultimately I bumped into a dozen of my friends and we danced to Taboo from Black Eyed Peas (Did I mention this was a free concert?) and the beautiful and talented Estelle. The prime minister showed up too, out of absolutely nowhere and fist pumped Chester See (who was so charming and funny btw). You can feel the tension in the crowd because most of them weren't exactly politician fans but then he introduced his youngest son as a DJ and we were dumbfounded because surprisingly DJ Ash was pretty good. WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT THE PRIME MINISTER'S SON WAS ACTUALLY COOL?

Some other acts were You-tubers Jason Chen, David Choi and my favorite of all local acts K Town Clan.

We also did a spontaneous Taboo Experience Harlem Shake.

Let's make the transition from good to bad: I MISSED A STATE OF TRANCE AT THE FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL!!! As an Armin Van Buuren fan this is unacceptable.

Here's the scenario:  A party of more than 25,000 people hosted by the number one DJ in the world and his other DJ acquaintances, less than 50 minute cab ride from home and..

tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: I missed it.


I had passport trouble at first and I didn't have any other ID to attend the festival but when I finally got some ID, they ran out of tickets. I tried to enter a contest to score a pair of free tickets by tweeting some creative shit but some other dude won (his tweet wasn't even creative but it was his birthday and he mentioned he was a regular customer for the contest runners BLECH UNFAIR!) I ended up watching the show at home through live stream; BETTER VIEW BOO HOO! But next time my friend.. next time! I even came up with my almost-mid year resolution:

LOL ..someday.. soon. bitchez

Thus, I've been listening to a lot of Trance to make up for my loser status. Cosmic Gate played Be Your Sound feat. Emma Hewitt at  ASOT and I kept playing the song on repeat after the show. Nope, still not tired of it. In fact it might just be my favorite song.. ever.

Last night my friend's housemate celebrated his b'day with a jet lag and a convenient store butter cake which was cut using a kulhi kaajaa. I don't know the dude but I got cake so YAY. Besides my friends' friends are my friends.

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