My Body Is Not Ready Chronicles

Funny how I sat down to design a site for my Digital Media class and ended up designing the blog instead. It's obvious by now I am a design-my-blog-every-week addict who doesn't really do a very good job at it. It's the final semester of Degree. Handed in my dissertation a month ago. Went on a class trip to Paris and Toulouse for 2 weeks. And started packing my bags already because I only have a month left to go back to Maldives. I'm not that excited it's more of a mixed feeling thing. There are many reasons for this really. One, I'm going to miss my friends here. Two, I love being on my own and as much as I love my family I dread going back to less freedom. Three, I kind of fell in love with Malaysia. Four, Maldives is way too small for me. Five, holy shit I'm gonna have to get a job and be an adult.

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