People Watching from a Parisian Café

You don't realize the tranquility in people watching from a Café in Paris on a rainy day until you've actually done it. There's nothing like having a good coffee and French pastry or even a burger as you look through the window and you see all these people just mingling about. And then it starts to rain and the whole street just empties up leaving you to gaze at the beautiful colonial buildings doused in the pouring rain. When the rain transits into drizzle, a few people dressed in trench coats, carrying umbrellas rush out of the cafés continuing on their own little personal adventures. Cars and motorbikes drive past, their infant roar blending into the resonance of the people's chatter "Salut! Bonjour! Comment ça va? Il fait très beau aujourd'hui". A little "Oui" here, a little "Non" there. At one point, you feel like you're in a modern French movie, a wanderer in a café surrounded by good company.

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