Chance encounter with the blue-green waters

Ocean. It's a nice transition from the Malaysian highways that I often saw and grew tired of for five years, although I'm sure it won't be long before I miss that too. Taking things for granted is a chink in my armor. But for once, I'm glad to see the mighty ocean in place of the polluted highways, boats instead of cars and ferries instead of buses.

// Switching gears, yet another internship. The first few weeks were terrible, no clue what the heck I was doing.  I just wanted to try something different. An open portfolio, exploring my capabilities blah blah some shit like that. But when opportunities knock on your door you bloody take them. Producing a TV show or presenting one, I'm all in. Back home after the longest time and I couldn't be happier to get to travel around. And I finally get to do something relevant to my bachelors degree, a tourism project. I feel useful.

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