Pie-leen, why won't you go?

There is a cyclone that originated in Thailand, Phailin, sending storms of winds to our little island paradise, making it not so very sunny. My heart goes out to everybody affected in nearby countries, even a little blow of angry wind makes it hard for us to keep our feet on the ground, I feel terrible for those actually experiencing the whole damn thing. Stay safe people. xx
Back in Maldives, the country folks are spoilt with foul talk of an unfortunately very necessary disaster we call politics. Of course I make a few jokey tweets about it but really, I have very little interest in it. Deep down, I wish everyone would settle down so we all could get back to our normal routines no matter how impossible that sounds.

This is the time when families are on not-talking-terms because the wife accidentally bought a pair of pink shoes and the husband rather have yellow down in his pillows. Little kids yell out campaign slogans unaware of what their parents are brain feeding them. Everybody is at their dirtiest, little games of mockery and hundred dollar bills, who will win the posture? Will they have to share, the throne for one, the crown for the other?

Diverting attention to something more auspicious, Eid Mubarak to everyone, may you have a joyous Eid.


Wiida Ribbon said...

I miss you babe, finally! You updated your BLOG! I've been waiting for it since YEARS! haha. Jk, every seconds in my life, I keep checking your blog. *sweet talk. :P

Rifga™ said...

hahahah @wiida i miss you too babe!! oooh so much sweet talk ahaha way too distracted to update blog lately lol. reading your latest post now! :D mwaks