2013 Kthanksbai

The year was good to me. Happening, ecstatic, busy. New experiences, new friends. Fall outs too with friends. I'm glad to have patched things up though. Grudges aren't worth holding onto. They'll eat you up that's all they do. Fell in love again, got my heart broken again. Moved on again.  Visited a new country, bid farewell to the country I called home for 5 years. Made myself over, tried to dress up, wear make up, walk in heels, be pretty. Figured I like being a girl. Tried to take care of myself, hair care routines! skin routines! scared the crap out of my dad by wearing a face mask at night. Tried to lose weight not to be skinny but to be fit because back pains?? what the hell I'm only 21?? Worked at a new place, presented a TV show, reconciled with old friends, realized the importance of socializing although I have yet to master it. Still lazy as fuck, but I could work on that.  I'm looking forward to a new year and yes just like most people I do have resolutions. It's just not a very big list. In fact, all I want to do in 2014 is be happy. Do things that give me pleasure, more smiles less tears and anger. I hope I feel the same way for the next 365 days.

Let's call it "No strings attached 2014". I hope everything I do is spontaneous and less emotional. That would save me a lot of time and energy.


Shaha said...

This is a good read. Glad you have had an interesting year and hope that your no strings attached 2014 becomes a reality.

wiida Ribbon said...

oh dear, we have the resolution, to be happy. I want to be happy in this year, no matter what, no jobs no works, screw it! I just want to be happy for the next 365 minus 29 days.

Ajeng Andianti said...

love your blog!

would you mind to follow each other? :)