I have ignored you for almost a year I accept whatever punishment you have in mind but precisely speaking I cannot guarantee I won't ignore you again. I'm not a very bloggie-woggie kind of person if you've noticed. You're right I should stop using the term bloggie-woggie. Here's a recap of some moments from this year (mostly Instagram, sorry) to make it up. Hover over for captions.


I miss Wiida :(

My favorite Malay girls

Daddy's 54th. 

My b'day at the former workplace

Me as a 22 year old and me as a 2 year old

Frequent Seahouse selfies

Someone special :)

Farewell cake courtesy of my ex-boss

Got a new job

New workplace

I like snow spraying the shit out of b'day girls

That's right I wore a dhigu hedhun

My bf's cat Doc full name Dhohokko who doesn't love me yet 

Baby Mirusal was so tiny when I first met him

Resolutions for the new year? AHAHA NO, NOT REALLY. Although I have about 21 more days to change my mind and I have a bucket list with only like 5 things ticked off perhaps I should try and tick off more things. And I'm a lecturer now. Who saw THAT coming? *Nooobaaddyyy* but I love the job and I'm going to try and keep it. That means minimalizing the extent to which I swear publicly - and by publicly I mean mostly on the internet. Activate self control. Delete swear words. Error. Error. Error. Error. Error.

Ahh, oh well.

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